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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who uses SAP to schedule maintenace work?

SAP has a scheduling function embedded, and I have not yet found any company that uses this tool effectively. The most common reason for not using the tool is that it is not user friendly and limited in functionality. Generally from this, Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft Project is used to schedule work, often causing the double handling of data. These locally generated tools have often had hours of development in them and due to their complexity a level of support is required to ensure they remain usable.

I would like to here peoples successes and failures with the SAP scheduling function, or experiences with SAP add-on scheduling tools such as Promethius's Graphical Scheduling tool.

Planning and scheduling. Are they one in the same

Do your maintenance planners plan and schedule? How well do they perform both of these roles? Is there a difference? Often planners spend more time scheduling than planning. What is your experience and view on this?